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Time’s Up on Salty

“Let this year be filled with kindness, love, support, justice, resilience, equality and all things positive and sweet.” 

First and foremost, I want to honor all of those who stepped up and showed up first thing in 2018. The #TimesUp movement is one that is relatable on so many levels. We are all human beings who deserve to be treated with kindness or  in my own terms sweet not salty.

How many of you, my sweet readers, have experienced such injustices and have been treated less than you deserve? My guess is everyone has dealt with sub par or just flat-out abusive behavior at one point or another, and I just want to send out big virtual hugs, fist bumps, high fives and positive vibes to you all:) Hang in there, because things can and do get better. Just as we can take steps on self-improvement, so can we as a collective improve together. Let this year be filled with kindness, love, support, justice, resilience, equality and all things positive and sweet.

I, for one, took to this blog in 2018 as a resolution to be sweet and not salty. I take full accountability for the way I show up in my own relationships in this world. Time’s Up isn’t just about the behavior of others, but it is also a movement about being a better person. So in the spirit of love and positivity, I want to discuss the topic of affirmations.

Have you positively affirmed yourself today?

Let’s take a moment to change our internal dialogue to sound more uplifting. How else can we go out there and spread sweetness if we are still blocked in doing it for ourselves. Repeat after me, “Hey beautiful, I am a fucking amazing spirit and human being! I am a badass! I rock! I am the change that I want to see! I am so damn smart in ways that help this world in some way, whether anyone else notices or not! I am such a unique ass person! No one else can be me!” I mean, just the fact that you are awake and alive means you showed up for yourself today. Thank you for just reading what you already know down deep inside.

Okay, now let’s learn some ways to positively affirm our loved ones, our co workers, our bosses, a stranger you meet at the grocery store or on the street, and anyone else you come across. Here are some phrases you can use:

For the Loved Ones

  1. I love the way you did that.
  2. What a talent you have for____.
  3. When I’m with you, I feel like anything is possible.
  4. You are super sexy when you___.
  5. I love it when you’re positive.
  6. Sometimes, you are so right!
  7. I love you!
  8. You are so awesome!
  9. It’s just so spectacular how your mind works.
  10. When we hug, it’s like everything is alright.

For the Colleagues

  1. Nice shirt…hat…etc.
  2. Nice work. Nice job.
  3. How creative of you.
  4. What an interesting way of putting it. I never thought of it that way.
  5. I like working with you.
  6. I admire how hard you work.
  7. What a great idea!
  8. Dude, you got this!
  9. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for___.
  10. Thank you for helping the way you do.


  1. Have a nice day.
  2. Hope things work out for you (if they mention a challenge).
  3. I get you.
  4. Good luck.
  5. I like your style.
  6. Nice outfit.
  7. You have a good way of describing that. 
  8. It’s been nice meeting you.
  9. Good talking to you.
  10. Take good care.


  1. Nothing (if you can’t find the right words to avoid negativity)
  2. Sorry, I hadn’t noticed that. (if someone is speaking poorly of you or someone else)
  3. All is well.
  4. Things are good. (use your verbal agility to switch directions)
  5. Hope all goes well for you. 
  6. Are you okay? (show care without investing too much energy)
  7. (to yourself) I’m okay. This won’t phase me later.
  8. (to yourself) I’m not defined by others.
  9. (to yourself) This moment will pass, and things will be sweet.
  10. (to yourself) Sweet Not Salty, Sweet Not Salty, Sweet Not Salty, LOL

Please remember that just because we are ready to change, doesn’t mean others are ready to receive it.  

If you get some interesting reactions, just smile and move forward. Remain positive. Not all of my affirmations to my man have been received with enthusiasm, but I can honestly say he is starting to get used to it. He notices my efforts to be sweet, and tells me he is glad that I’m not being salty at times where I’d normally be.

On that note, tune in to my next post. We are going to dive into some fun stuff….sex & intimacy:D (disclaimer: this is for the 18 and over crowd)


Until next time,

TherapyGen @SweetNotSalty

‘Cause if your love looks like hate, it could be a mistake!

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