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Touch Me I’m Yours;)

Apologies for the delay Sweets, so thanks for welcoming me back. Throwback  Let's take a quick glimpse back down memory lane as a tribute to this throwback Thursday. Just imagine. It's a beautiful  sunny summer day, and a young woman has been waiting all week for her special someone. They plan on driving a few… Continue reading Touch Me I’m Yours;)

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Time’s Up on Salty

"Let this year be filled with kindness, love, support, justice, resilience, equality and all things positive and sweet."  First and foremost, I want to honor all of those who stepped up and showed up first thing in 2018. The #TimesUp movement is one that is relatable on so many levels. We are all human beings… Continue reading Time’s Up on Salty

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About Last Night

I started to miss him. I felt bad about having been salty. This is something that I'm sure anyone in a relationship can relate to. It's that moment where you no longer care about how offended, upset, hurt, ignored or frustrated you are. All you start thinking about is the other person, and it brings back those feelings of warmth, love, longing or even lust. *Click on title to read full blog post

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2018 Unblocked

Unblock Yo'self Before You Wreck Yo'self! - I admit it. I blocked many people from accessing me for multiple reasons on various platforms. I even blocked family and so-called friends when it just felt like I needed to take time away from everyone else's issues and focus on my own. This got so bad, that I hadn't realized my own man was being blocked. *Click title to read full post;)